Not long ago I was chained to my cubicle. Much like everyone else I knew at the time. I was going along for the ride on that proverbial “hamster wheel”. One day out of nowhere between paying my rent and deciding what would be good for dinner I realized I was not happy. Not because I hated my job, but because I didn’t LOVE it. So just like the hero in an indie film I decided to take that leap into the unknown and embark on a journey through the highway of self-discovery. It was a bumpy ride. However, at the end I found my true passion, 3D Animation.

My name is JUAN CARLOS CALVACHI and I am a 3D Artist.

I am a proud Washtenaw Community College alumni with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from the 3D Animation Arts program. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in the Simulation, Animation, and Gaming program in the College of Technology at Eastern Michigan University.

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"Do what you love."


Unbreakable Studios, Ann Arbor, MI

Freelance 3D Generalist

Innovated pre-established modeling workflows to increase efficiency and shorter asset delivery. Automated repetitive modeling tasks with scripts. Collaborate with riggers and animators to create high resolution and low poly count assets for animation and in game engines. Improved UV layouts to decrease projects overall texturing workload. Constructed proxy meshes for animation, managed polygonal retopology, and rigged assets. Created, developed, and designed character concepts, mechanical constructs, and 3D environments taking art direction and critique from clients and lead directors. Generated photorealistic render images using customized diffused, specular, and normal texture maps with customized HDRIs for backplates and live footage video. Composited, edited and fixed issues in post-production in Adobe After Effects.

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI


Designed, managed and lectured an extracurricular workshop in Autodesk Maya Fundamentals mentoring EMU students at the College of Technology. Lectured students though the interface overview, project management, preference and settings, polygonal modeling workflow, proper edge-flow, UV mapping, texturing, rendering, animation, and basic lighting techniques. Facilitated learning by offering flexible consultation times outside of the workshop to all attending students.


Eastern Michigan University

Bachelor of Science in Simulation, Animation and Gaming

Washtenaw Community College

Associates of Science in 3D Animation

Washtenaw Community College

Associates of Applied Science in Information Systems Programming in C++